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Mini Golf Courses in North Myrtle Beach Near Ocean Creek Resort

Vacationers will discover that many of the best mini-golf courses in North Myrtle Beach are near Ocean Creek Resort.

Myrtle Beach’s claim as the mini-golf capital of the world extends into North Myrtle Beach, which offers its own collection of unique, vibrant courses.

Did you know: Ocean Creek Resort guests receive discounts at select mini-golf courses in North Myrtle Beach using their very own VMB Card.

See our favorite mini-golf courses in North Myrtle Beach below:

Mutiny Bay Miniature Golf

Address: 301 US Highway 17, North Myrtle Beach
Phone: (843) 249-7844

Recommended because: Visitors are placed in the middle of a swashbuckling setting full of tropical plants, a pirate ship, cannons, waterfalls, dungeons, and an old-fashioned port village. An enormous pirate ship is the centerpiece at this 36-hole outdoor mini-golf course. The course offers plenty of obstacles for a challenge but is easy enough for all ages to enjoy.

Hawaiian Rumble Golf

Address: 3210 Highway 17 South, North Myrtle Beach
Phone: (843) 272-7812

Recommended because: Mini golfers will enjoy viewing the giant volcano that sits in the middle of this 18-hole outdoor mini-golf course. Every so often, the volcano erupts with flames and steam! Hawaiian Rumble’s tropical setting will have you feeling like you’re really in the tropical jungles of Hawaii. Golf Magazine and Travel Channel have even recognized Hawaiian Rumble Golf as one of the top miniature golf courses in the U.S.

Lost Treasure Golf

Address: 1705 Highway 17 South, North Myrtle Beach
Phone: (843) 272-5467

Recommended because: Kids will love the mining car ride that journeys around the two 18-hole outdoor miniature golf courses. Players will go on a journey through the jungles of the Fogclift Islands in search of diamonds and gold. Both courses offer several obstacles and surprises and wind around dinosaur bones, gold mines, and cascading waterfalls.

Mayday Golf

Address: 715 Highway 17 North, North Myrtle Beach
Phone: (843) 280-3535

Recommended because: Players enjoy gazing at the large, stranded aircraft that sits atop a mountain and a cascading waterfall. Golfers will find themselves stranded on a tropical island after some mid-flight engine trouble. Pick from two 18-hole outdoor mini-golf courses that will provide plenty of challenges for even the savviest mini golfer. Courses include Mayday Mountain and Rescue Falls.

Hawaiian Village Mini Golf

Address: 4205 Highway 17 South, North Myrtle Beach
Phone: (843) 361-9629

Recommended because: Mini golfers will play through a vibrant village and in the shadow of a giant waterfall at Hawaiian Village Mini Golf. Pick from two 18-hole outdoor mini-golf courses that include a colorful boat, train, flowers, streams, waterfalls. Plus, get a picture in the colorful Aloha Mini Golf jeep.

Professor Hacker’s Dinosaur Adventure Golf

Address: 701 Highway 17 South, North Myrtle Beach
Phone: (843) 272-8041

Recommended because: Kids will love putting around the many colorful life-size dinosaurs and the giant steamship. At Dinosaur Adventure, players will find themselves stranded on a tropical island inhabited by giant Jurassic creatures! Dinosaur Adventure Golf has two 18-hole outdoor mini-golf courses to choose from, each offering its own unique obstacles and challenges. Just beware of the hungry dinos!

Molten Mountain

Address: 1010 Vereen Road, North Myrtle Beach
Phone: (843) 280-5095

Recommended because: Whether the weather is too warm or cold, Molten Mountain offers 18 holes of indoor, air-conditioned mini-golf. Molten Mountain also offers a second 18-hole outdoor course that features a 50-foot tall volcano that erupts with fire and steam! Players will encounter colorful tiki huts, large waterfalls, and plenty of molten lava to avoid.

Black Pearl Mini Golf

Address: 614 Sea Mountain Highway, North Myrtle Beach
Phone: (843) 249-8473

Recommended because: After your playthrough, stop by the onsite ice cream and candy shop for a sweet treat, or the indoor arcade for extended family fun! Players will encounter cannons, waterfalls, jungle creatures, and a pirate ship. This 18-hole outdoor mini-golf course offers plenty of challenges, but even the youngest players will have a blast.

Tribal Island Mini Golf

Address: 901 US-17, Little River
Phone: (843) 249-9117

Recommended because: Players will feel like they're exploring the jungles of a tropical island with its own miniature golf course. Volcanoes, waterfalls, lakes, and caverns surround mini golfers at either of Tribal Island’s two 18-hole outdoor courses, one of which is handicap accessible.

Ocean Creek Resort is a hole-in-one for your next beach vacation! Pick from our latest resort deals and check out other North Myrtle Beach activities near Ocean Creek Resort.

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