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Myrtle Beach Resort with Secluded Beachfront

Wide Secluded Beach Wide Secluded Beach

With no resorts to the south of Ocean Creek, our guests feel like they have the beach completely to themselves.  Whether you want to go for a swim in the Atlantic Ocean, just relax in the sun or take part in some fun activities in the sand, you'll be able to stretch out on our beach as if it belongs to you.

The beach is located just steps away from our Myrtle Beach resort and oceanfront condos, and just a short walk or seasonal tram ride from our villas. During the summer months, lifeguards rent out pairs of chairs combined with an umbrella for a daily fee. You are also welcome to bring your own umbrella and towels or chairs for a relaxing day at the beach.

Children and adults alike enjoy searching the beach for shells, taking a dip in the refreshing ocean and basking in the sun.

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