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Ocean Creek’s Unique Oceanfront Habitat

As the only oceanfront resort in all of Myrtle Beach to stretch from Highway 17 all the way to the ocean, our 57-acre property offers a beach experience unlike any other in Myrtle Beach.

The main highlight of the unique habitat is the oceanfront creek which is home to wide variety of aquatic and aviary species. Here you might spot an egret or heron searching for their next meal in the creek or as the tide drops you may spot a horseshoe crab or fish making their way through the shallow waters. Children and adults enjoy frolicking in the shallow waters which make for a natural wading pool when the tide comes in.

Ocean Creek is also home to a beautiful pond located adjacent to our oceanfront towers. Here you’ll often find turtles, families of ducks and small fish enjoying the Myrtle Beach habitat.

In addition to the natural creek and pond, the entire Ocean Creek Resort property features beauty unlike any other in the area. The majority of Ocean Creek’s 57 acres consist of live oaks that house a number of birds, squirrels and other native wildlife. You may even spot an owl perched in one of the trees or a mother bird feeding her young.

Enjoy a walk or bike ride through Ocean Creek’s vast property to see just how beautiful the natural habitat is!

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