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The most exciting, fun-filled and enjoyable vacation experience ever!

Wheels of Destruction

Location: Myrtle Beach Speedway

“Wheels of Destruction” Thrill Show is coming to Myrtle Beach Speedway!  This family friendly thrill show is like no other you’ve ever seen.  Its full of flames, explosions, wrecks, and racing! Auto Crashes, Stunt Driving and Car Jumps are just part of the Wheels of Destruction Thrill Show.

Wheels of Destruction Thrill Show features the best stunt men in the business. Experience action packed, death defying stunts by Chris Morena.  If you’ve never gotten to see Chris Morena, he’s an all around stunt performer with over 10 years experience including Hollywood’s Stunt Show with Precision driving, Automobile Crash Roll Overs, Dive Bomber Auto Crashes. Plus Chris Morena did The Slide for Life, drove the Human Battering Ram and has recently been part of the Lights, Motors, Action Stunt Show at Disney/MGM.  Clint Esposito brings amazing  Motor Cycle stunts to another level! Clint is a former Pro Motor Crosser who switched over to Free Style in 2000.  With over 10 years of riding FMX, Clint recently did stunt work for the movie “Bro”.

Watch every kid’s favorite Bus Racing around the Myrtle Beach Speedway. Every Wednesday night at Myrtle Beach Speedway all summer long- Wheels of Destruction Thrill Show is an thrilling experience for the entire family every Wednesday night.

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